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  • Warranty on every part of headphones except pleather headband and earpads: 2 years

  • Warranty on headband and earpads: 1 year

  • To perform service headphones need to be shipped to Ukraine at the expense of the buyer

  • If problem occurred because of manufacturing problems unit will be sent back at the expense of the manufacturer.

  • If problem occurred not throught the fault of the manufacturer  - repairs won't be free and shipping back will be at the expense of the buyer.

  • If unit will arrive with physical damage buyer should notify manufacturer within 1 week from the date of delivery. I take full responsibility for good packaging.

  • If unit has physical damage and manufacturer wasn't notified within 1 week from the date of delivery this is not considered to be a warranty case.



  • All prices include worldwide shipping

  • Shipping is performed by registered Aimail.


  • If for some reason you don't like our product you can return it to us in Ukraine and receive a 50% refund after we receive the item back.

  • Already paid orders cannot be canceled cause all parts are custom built.


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