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Apology & Explanation regarding controversy surrounding Verum

   Hello. My name is Igor and I'm the guy who created Verum Audio and I want to explain my behavior that took place 2 years ago and since then generate controversy each time my name is mentioned in social medias.
   First of all I want everybody who is reading this text to understand a few things about myself - I was born in the Soviet Union, not an ideal state to say the least (but what state is ideal after all?). But one thing about USSR is undeniable: in a country that was formed by 15 republics, each with its own dominant nation, racial and ethnical equality was unquestionable. Systematic racism never existed in the country where I was born - that was a core basis of USSR. And jokes about national differences is in a core DNA of all Soviet people.
    So when BLM protests took places in the USA and the vast majority of European countries, I must confess that all this looked for me comical. Especially when people that were never slave masters apologized and took a knee to people who were never slaves after police murdering recidivist criminal.
    So 2 years ago, indeed I've made several very insensitive, off-colour and as I now understand disgusting jokes. After that, I've received a furious backlash from some members of the audiophile community. Since then, I've educated myself, have better understanding about what has happened and still have a place in western society and really ashamed of myself and apologize for the words I've said and to people whose feeling were heart.
   I never had any intention to contribute to racism, racial inequality or to humiliate people based on their ethnicity. I've waited 2 years to have a platform to say all this and a sign that I've understood my mistakes that during those 2 years I haven't generated any controversy and simply trying to do my work honestly.

But what upset me most that from unknown reason random people are connecting my name without any evidence to the things I've never said or did and spreading different types of lie about me:
   1. Homophobia - I've never in my life even wrote a line of anything even remotely connected with LGBT. I don't know what I need to write more? If I'm wrong - show me my messages.
  2. Antisemitism - that's my favorite. I'm a Jew. I hope I also don't need to comment anything further.
  3. Threats after a bad review to YouTuber that is called MAX SETTINGS. That's a nonsense. If I've ever made a threat  after a bad review, then please find a bad review of Verum 1 after which I supposedly should be mad. In fact, in now deleted review on his channel I've received the best possible review I can dream - he said that Verum 1 is a poisonous for market because of low price\high quality combination. And when I've discussed that review with some guy at Discord I've joked that if Verum 1 is a poison then Verum 2 will definitely will be an anthrax and I need to verify If that "Max Setting" is immune to it.
There was no direct or indirect threats of any form. Hell! I didn't even speaked with that YouTuber after review.
And I've received direct threats in PM about DOXX-ing, beating my ass etc. I don't think it's interesting to community but all screenshots and emails are saved.
Frankly speaking, for a single-man company who is writing my real home address as return address on boxes with headphones those threats caused some anxiety.

In conclusion I want to say that I'm thankful to everyone who read all of this, and I hope that despite my limited English I've explained myself and convinced you that I've understood my mistakes, changed my attitude and never had any evil intentions.

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