February' 20 updates:

  • Right now I'm shipping orders made at the last week of December. Delays are caused by corona virus in China. Raw material for producing rare-earth magnets that're used in Verum 1 supplied from China. It was ordered more then a month ago but we all know difficulties caused by quarantine. Factory just started working and my order is first in queue.

March' 16 updates:

  • As you all know due to coronavirus Verum Audio experience big delays. At the beginning of December 2019 were ordered magnets in China. They're were produced with delays and then shipped with delays. Finally! I've received today a notification that magnets are shipped from China to Ukraine. In a ~3 weeks (I hope!) I can start assembling headphones that I owe to customers. All this situation is really frustrating for me and I'm thankful for your understanding.

  • Many people ask me about headbands that're featured on Verum 1 mk2 headphones and whether they will be available for purchase. Answer is YES. In a 2-3 weeks I'll make an announce and website, start selling new headbands and explain how to replace old with new one.