Сurrent situation with orders (05.01.22):
First of all - sorry for delays and slow replies to emails. I'm manufacturing & shipping Verum headphones every day and eternally grateful for your support.
That's today's shipment of Bubinga color:

That's a preparation for tomorrow - painting carbon color cups.
So right now situation is: All october orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks.
November orders I'll start to ship at the end of January.
Don't worry, I don't stop the work even for a minute.
Thanks again for your support!

Who are we?:


Verum Audio is a small but ambitious headphone manufacturer from Ukraine.
We do believe that top performance in audio can be achieved at a moderate price.

Our debut product: Verum 1 are planar magnetic headphones that have the biggest active area of driver on market and one of the most powerful  magnetic systems among planars that uses highest grade rare-earth magnets.

This two things combined with premium materials (titanium knobs, leather headband and sheep-skin earpads, frame from hardened steel and fiber-glass reinforced polymer cups) leads to creating top-performing headphones that are built to last.

We don't like to talk about the sound of our products, so in review section of our website you'll find links to plenty of honest reviews of our clients.