Verum Audio is back to work, assembling and  shipping headphones every day.
Our small team is very thankfull for support. Especially in such hard times.

Glory to Ukraine and all civilized world.

 08/05/2022 Day of Victory over fascism (and return to manufacturing).

Hello. I'm writing this message 08.05.2022 and couldn't foresee that fight against fascism could take place again in Europe. During that war from the very beginning I haven't produced any single headphone. The only things I've manufactured are parts for drones that release explosives on the heads of Russian fascist troops. Previously I liked to think that somewhere in the word someone receives joy from favourite music played through Verum headhpone , now I like to think that my efforts bring our Victory more close.
During those 73 days Ukraine in general and I personally received huge support from all civilized world. Be sure, all Ukrainian nation as one value it! Please remember the lessons of WWII and don't leave a country that was attacked first to fight without support. Evil must be stopped in Ukraine and encapsulated inside Russian borders.

During a war I've received significat amount of orders. All of them I consider to be a support of Ukraine, not me in general. So I've donated 100% of them to Ukrainian army.
Funny fact - buying armored vests is ...  clothes shopping ;)

If life allows me - all orders will be completed! Without exception! I'm slowly recovering my manufacturing and it's almost like a second start. I live in Kharkiv and this Ukrainian city is heavily bombed. Supply chains are broken, some workshops are destroyed by bombs, many people that helped me are not in Kharkiv anymore. However, I'm doing my best to be back to work. I feel I'm really in debt to the community. I can't guarantee your terms, can't guarantee exact colors (huge problems with the supply of aquaprint films) but I'll do my best to deliver what I make really good - quality headphones. I can't express how much all Ukraine value your support!


Verum Audio.